Costa Rica Farmers Market

Another celebrated tradition is the Costa Rica farmers market, known as the feria. It is considered as a social event, where friendly crowds gather, complete with playful banter while farmer boisterously offer their fresh produce. The Costa Rica farmers market happens every week, where farmers bring their freshest produce to the market, and the buyers take advantage of cheap seasonal varieties and. Year-round favorites are always available at the farmers’ market. Neighbors find each other and stop to chat during market day; while regular shoppers find social encounters in familiar faces.

Foreigners on their Costa Rica vacation are always welcome in the farmers market. Amiable and friendly vendors are always found offering nibbles of unfamiliar food to foreign visitors and giving useful cooking tips. Foreigners spending their vacation time in The Costa Rican Condo always find it enjoyable to visit the Costa Rica farmers market for the variety of cheap fresh produce and other food items they will find there.

There is a weekly farmers market in almost every town in Costa Rica. The best way for people to visit the Costa Rica farmers market is just after sunrise to beat the crowds and to get the best of the pick from the fresh produce. There are a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables available in the farmers’ market and they are often much cheaper than supermarket prices. Familiar vegetables and fruits include carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, bananas, watermelon and mangoes. There are also exotic varieties like breadfruit, rambutan, sour star fruit, figs, dragon fruit and peach palm fruit. Since the prices are reasonable and even low, it is worth it to experiment on the exotic varieties and find out what they taste like. People on a Costa Rica vacation find this experimentation a lot of fun.

Other finds in farmers’ market include edibles like poultry, fish, meat, sour cream, cheese and eggs. There are also teas, medicinal herbs and flowers according to the season. In some Costa Rican towns, the markets are bigger and there are artisan works like pottery. Jewelry can also be on display in some markets.

Market visitors who find themselves needing bodily nourishment can find drinks and prepared food in the farmers market. There are empanadas that can be washed down with fresh coconut water. There are also lots of warm corn pancakes called chorreadas. After the farmers market outing, tourists and visitors can return back to the Hotel Costa Rica and find peace, quiet and relaxation.

Items in the farmers market are usually marked in front with their respective prices. If there is no price written, you can ask the vendor “Cuanto cuesta esto?” People usually check adjacent stalls to find the lowest price. When you have decided on what to buy, you can ask the vendor for a bowl or a plastic bag so that you can select the produce you want to buy. The farmer or vendor weighs the items, calculating the price to the nearest half pound and tells you the total amount. There are some markets where haggling is accepted but generally, farmers are very fair in their pricing.

The farmers’ market is an essential part of the economic activities of Costa Rica. It provides livelihood for the farmers while the citizens get inexpensive and healthy produce. The farmers’ market is the best place to find delicious vegetables and luscious fruits in Costa Rica.